Apple Watch overview

By October 17, 2016December 14th, 2016Tips

The Apple Watch is a timekeeping device with many additional features, including the ability to run miniaturized apps. It requires a paired iPhone to work. This may sound like a pain, but it actually enables new capabilities for iPhone owners, such as:

  • Capturing more accurate health data for iPhone fitness apps.
  • Using Apple Pay on the Apple Watch.
  • Having emails, texts, and social media alerts appear on the Apple Watch.
  • Automatically logging into your laptop or desktop computer running macOS.

There are many more capabilities—Apple claims thousands of apps have been created for the Apple Watch, plus integration with all kinds of services.

Pairing uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Apple Watch app on your phone lets you sync data and activate various features and apps for the Apple Watch. As Apple Watch is a separate product that goes beyond the scope of this guide, I recommend you visit for more details.