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Video introduction to Microsoft Word for iPhone

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Even if you don’t have access to the desktop version of MS Word, the iOS Word app for iPhones is an alternative way to create a Word document. Covers saving new .docx files and opening recent files in OneDrive. It also shows how to use the keyboard, dictation, formatting toolbar, the Home and Insert tabs, headers, checking spelling and more. From the publisher of Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes.

How to delete tweets on your iPhone

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If you need to delete a tweet, or remove a retweet on your timeline, check out this short video. It’s easy to delete tweets using the Twitter mobile app for iOS on your iPhone. Narrated by Ian Lamont, the author of Twitter In 30 Minutes.

iPhone Twitter notifications: how to turn them off

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Do you get too many iPhone Twitter notifications on your iPhone’s lock screen and badge icon? Or does Twitter make a sound on your phone every time you get a notification? In this short video, learn how to disable Twitter notifications on an iPhone or iPad. Narrated by Ian Lamont, the author of Twitter In 30 Minutes.

How to print Google Docs from an iPhone

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In this short video, learn how to print files from Google Docs for iPhone (on recent versions of iOS). This video tutorial explains Google Cloud Print vs. Apple AirPrint and which one is better for easy mobile printing from your iPhone or iOS device. Narrated by Ian Lamont, the author of the top-selling Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes and iPhone Basics In 30 Minutes.

How to Replace iPhone Wallpaper with Photos or Moving Images

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In just a few minutes learn how to change the iPhone wallpaper — the background images on your home screen as well as the lock screen screensaver. The video shows the options available, including your own photos as well as still images, live photos, and dynamic images provided by Apple. The narrator is Ian Lamont, author of iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S In 30 Minutes.

How to Adjust iPhone Brightness

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Quickly learn how to manually adjust the brightness of your iPhone or iPad using the Quick Options panel and iOS settings. The video also explains the pros and cons of Auto Brightness. The iPhone video tutorial is less than 2 minutes long and is narrated by Ian Lamont, the author of iPhone In 30 Minutes.